Some facts about titanic

Whether it’s thanks to James Cameron’s famous film Titanic or reading a book, we all know more or less about the Titanic and the tragic accident that happened to it. Construction of the ship began in 1906. Construction was completed at the end of 1912.
The monster-shaped ship is named “Titanic” after the mighty god of Greek mythology, Titan. The ship was sunk by a small (proportionate) iceberg in the ocean.
Let’s face it today we don’t know some interesting facts about this Titanic ship.

You know the Titanic that sank with the iceberg. But do you know how long it took for the whole ship to sink? It took about 2 hours and 40 minutes for the ship to sink completely.

After seeing the iceberg, if the decision to turn the ship had been made just 30 seconds earlier, it might have been saved from the accident.

The number of lifeboats on the Tiny was negligible compared to the number of passengers. But even then most of the lifeboats left the ship with insufficient number of passengers.

The cost of building the Titanic movie was more than the cost of building the Titanic’s ship.

As the Titanic sank, the people in charge of the ship’s music were playing fluently.

Of the 1,500 people who drowned and died in the cold, only 333 bodies were recovered.

The Titanic’s fourth smoke furnace was actually a fake. The reason for that was to make the ship look stronger and more beautiful. This reactor was also used to maintain the balance of the ship at sea.

One Japanese man survived the Titanic crash. But all his life he had to live as a “coward.” His only fault was that he was able to survive without dying with others.

About a dozen couples sat on the Titanic for their honeymoon. They all disappeared under the blue waters of the sea.

A man survived a shipwreck in 181. It took the man several years to recover from the accident. In 1912, the man decided to sail again and boarded the Titanic. This time he did not return.

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