King Solomon and Demonology

Demonology is the study of demons. Demons are categorized by demons based on their source and performance. People have been explaining these in various ways since ancient times. Most demonologists were theologians, priests and philosophers by profession. Ordinary people can also work with a trained scholar or guru if they wish and become a demonologist through initiation.

However, there are rumors that a person never chooses to be a demonologist on his own or that anyone can become a demon devotee in a hurry. Only people who have a demonic character or are associated with the Luciferian blood line can be real and self-sufficient demonologists.

The pursuit of demons is very important. Because demons are thought to have a direct influence on evil spirits, control of witches, and magic or control over a person.

Demonology became very popular throughout Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

For example, Johan Weir, a prominent European demographer, declared that he had seventy-two demons in his possession of King Solomon. These seventy-two demons are called Princes of Hell. He added that there are about 8,405,926 Demonic minions under him.

However, with the sudden decline in hysteria in Europe, the importance of demonology began to wane. However, the practice of exorcism was still going on. At first the Catholic Church strongly promoted demonology, but later withdrew from its propaganda. Because, they feared, if the propaganda of the matter continued in such a large scale, the fear of the common people would go away at some stage.

Demonology again became very popular in the late twentieth century. The reason for this popularity was the best-selling book “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty. It was written based on a true story, known as the “St. Louis Exercise Case”.

During this time many organizations called “Demonic Huntings” or “Paranormal Investigations” were formed. The organizers of these organizations had no knowledge of demonology. They used to spread these works and various exaggerated stories out of sheer curiosity. Some of these investigators identified themselves as “demonologists” without much study or training.

Ed, Lauren Warren, and Ed’s niece John Jafis are best known for investigating thousands of cases and working closely with clergy for a long time. Exploring demology is a very dangerous task. Everyone realized this when a monk was drowned by demons.

Then, Catholic exorcists recommend that demonic devotees meet certain conditions or refrain from doing so:

They must be called according to the customary law given by God.

• Special supernatural protection from God must be ensured.

They must work under the direction and authority of the legitimate church.

They must dedicate their lives and desires to God.

They must be adults. Because this kind of pursuit is very dangerous for a young person.

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