The stories are lost

The house was completely covered in darkness. Nah! I said wrong! A hurricane was almost blazing around the corner, not quite visible in the beginning. On the right side of the room is a table, a pile of books frozen and a man sitting quietly in the crowd of paper. Close one’s eyes. In the dark, the dim light of a hurricane is not well understood. Yet, why did it seem as if one knew in pride or anger again, maybe he had closed his eyes in frustration.
I stood there for a while. I do not understand whether to call him right. What should the robbery be at this time? I thought.

I don’t see a way to call again. I need to talk to this guy. I went a little further.
Dare I call, are you listening?
– What do you want?

Though the man shouted a little in the throat. But where did I get some relief?

Can I sit down? I had something to talk to you about.

Saying the words, I look forward to answering. Quite a bit of time passed, and I couldn’t find any answer from there. Knob He spoke only once in his throat. It was probably hard to say that he finally stopped himself. I was a little hesitant. I did not understand exactly what to do. Finally I sat down a little bit.
– What did you come for?
He didn’t open his eyes, he didn’t move. Query right, but I think he is not waiting for the answer. Because he already knows what I came up with. After sitting down, I felt relaxed.
– You don’t know why I came?
This time I said with a little emphasis. The answer came immediately,

– I know!
I was shocked. I had totally no idea he would refuse. Of course, it was to my benefit. Relied on I said anxiously, you know when to help us a little!
– How?

– Free us. We are rolling our knees together after being made one by one! Expose us, reach out to people.

I requested. It was a bit of hope. I was anxious for the answer. As well as a little greed. Hope for release! What will he say? What remains to be heard? Waiting for so long?

– I can’t!

The clear answer came. So fast, in such a hurry, he dismissed my dream that I could not find the time to startle. Pay off some time Quietly No one said anything. I had just heard that, now I started to understand. What an awful lot of meaning to me, his unmatched “power”! How sad! Do you just go from day to day, hoping to get rid of a sentence day by day?
The fear was overcome by me long ago. This time there is anger. There was pride. So what I never did, this time I did.

– Why not? What is our fault?

I raised my voice and said. That is a little shouting. The man’s eyes were closed right now. He was so stubborn in the midst of such words. This time he felt a little dizzy. Looked at me. Opened his eyes. Cold sighs, there is a strange coolness of anger and pride. Everything has been frozen for a long time, wanting to evaporate at any time but again it seems to be stagnant. My fear came back again. Anger has been mixed long ago. Suddenly there was a feeling of remorse for shouting.

– Really want to know?

A voice of strange cold. I ate some Vabbacca. What to say, I did not think. I kept quiet?
– Guys, dare you listen?

This time the opposite happened. It was as if the wrath of hatred and pride was bursting. I froze

– None of you are eating in the market? Who will give you the money for the paper that you will write on paper? Who will buy you?

I was surprised. The man speaks in rage, but his anger does not catch me. I see his eyes. Who is the one who boasts of all the rage and hatred of the elephant? Us?

I’m a story, I’m going back. All my characters are behind me. Whoever is thinking of us, will not write about us anymore. So will we be lost?

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