The Rise of Macedonian Empire

The Macedonians have always lived in the shadow of the Hellenistic world in spite of having been strongly influenced by Greek culture. They were seen by the Athenians Spartans and Thebans as barbarians.
However the Macedonians served as a barrier of protection against people whom the Greeks believed to be even more barbaric.
Macedonia had its economy primarily based on agriculture and livestock farming but the Macedonians were known for being brave warriors and revolution in the Hellenic military tactics was taking place in Macedonia.

The general Philip of Macedonia lived several years and Thebes and there he studied diligently the whole Theban military culture and their tactical and strategic breakthroughs develop defied major generals such as pagodas and ever been known to us.  Back in Macedonia Philip reshaped the army of his homeland and established a new type of failings which would be known as the Macedonian phalanx for centuries. The Greeks had used the failings formation as the backbone of their armies obtaining unimaginable successes such as the victory over the Persians at marathon
and a delay of the troops of King Xerxes at Thermopylae but the Macedonians modified their development instituting the use of Spears two times bigger. Creating practically an impenetrable wall of spheres which impaled their opponents without giving them a chance to retaliate.

While the Greeks fought among themselves the Macedonian Empire began to gain form alliances and the conquest
of neighbors created the opportunity for Macedonia to become Europe’s greatest military power. Philip ii assumed the crown of the throne of macedonia and to reinforce his position he married with the intent of celebrating strategic
One of his wives was olympia from the royal family of Epirus who gave birth to alexander who would one day be known as Alexander the Great’s.  Philip making good use of the resources extracted from the rich deposits of gold
in his kingdom. Prompted the development of trade making Macedonia more prosperous each day.
Athens realized that Macedonia had consolidated itself as a new power in the region stronger than his former Greek enemies.
With that athenian politician started to conduct campaigns against phillip deeming him a tyrant who would be a
threat for greece as a whole and they sought allies to halt the growth of his empire. Philip had no ambition whatsoever to conquer Greece his true desire was to have the Greek cities united under his leadership to fight against the Persian Empire.

Just like the great Greeks of the Homeric hymns who joined Agamemnon against the Trojan enemies but neither
Sparta and Athens had the intention of being controlled by a nation which they considered as a barbarian one and so the growing tension between Macedonians and the Greeks reached a critical points war was inevitable.

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