1.Holographic Smartphone 

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Cutting-edge innovation technology shouldn’t be called an unreachable.  it should be fun and part of daily life.
This easy Stars world first holographic smartphones so how do we generate glass free Holograms on smartphones,  when we’re looking at our smartphone the camera will quickly track our eye movement by tracking data is sent to our on chip signal processing unit it’s quickly processed by our eye tracking system which will lock on to where our eyes are looking.  This is very important our eye tracking system will adjust the hologram generated based on where your eyes are looking and you’ll immediately see the holographic effect.

This is the world’s first holographic smartphone with our pioneering eye tracking technology.
An innovation dedicated to the smartphone application we call this smart holographics, you’ll find four cameras on
our holographic phone a perfect air interface the dual lens camera on the back is not just for taking holographic images but more importantly it’s designed to collect and process holographic data
so what new user experience will such an innovative holographic smartphone bring us no more dizziness or narrow viewing angles when what you isn’t reading a truly immersive way to watch videos and 3d game playing becomes more fun and thrilling distance is no longer a problem lifelike product displays for online shopping.

Complex traffic systems become easy to navigate,  education is no longer boring but fun and lively anytime anywhere 3d scanning and printer . Will this is just the beginning East our we’ll continue to create new technologies for holographic applications we make the impossible possible and create better lives.

2. Smart Beam 

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Grand and spectacular screen images from a tiny 4.5 centimeter cube. Smart beam is an incredibly simple to use personal projector that works with your mobile devices.
Just press the power button on the right connect it to your smartphone and you’re all ready to go smart beam automatically. Traces a video from your smartphone and projects it on the screen through the lens in front.
The incredible value of smart beam powered by decent design and smart features realized by technology 4.5
centimeters on all dimensions and 129 grams.
This ultralight device boasts incredible brightness of up to 35 onesie lumens, amazing color representations enabled by DLP technology as well as a battery that lasts for two hours and a screen that expands up to 100 inches depending on your comfortable distance with the smart design honored at the 2013 I F Awards perfected by an aluminum
finish smart beam allows you to project images easily on the wall or the ceiling.
Without an additional support the joy of viewing your favorite content on a large screen anywhere anytime educational material for your kids as well as movies games books video chatting internet surfing and more
experience multimedia contents in your smartphone. With smart beam making your smart imagination into a

3. Lane Sight System 

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Riding on the road can to often be dangerous and sometimes deadly. With our phones always in reach distracted driving is more common than ever. But now you can use your mobile device to help protect yourself from drivers who are all thumbs. With a lane sight system you can focus on the road ahead because we’ve got your
back as you ride Lane sights patented rear camera system scans the road behind.
you detecting approaching cars once the vehicle is detected the system sends a flashing alert to the driver behind you
and an audible alert to your Android device. When it’s securely on the handlebar as the vehicle approaches the
system tracks and the alerts increase in frequency more frequent alerts help draw the drivers attention and warn you that the vehicles getting closer giving you plenty of time to move over as vehicles pass.
Lane Sight’s ultrasonic lateral distance sensor will detect the distance between your bicycle and the cars providing another indicator of a vehicle’s proximity to you if a vehicle gets too close.

The rear camera will capture video and save it to your mobile devices of memory along with the lateral distance data in case evidence of an incident should be needed.
The Lane sight system improves safety for all cyclists whether you’re training for a competition or out for a fun family ride.
The Lane sight you can enjoy the ride because we got your back.

4. Dollfie 

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Have you ever had your favorite piece of clothing hopelessly spoiled by washing washing can be a real pain especially when you need to deal with delicate and hand wash only clothing and it gets even more frustrating when you’re on them.
Meet dollfie the world’s smallest washing device that cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology.
Dolphy is just the size of a smartphone perfectly portable to fit in any bathroom or travel luggage using advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology.
Dollfie  carefully cleans even the most delicate fabrics without damaging or discoloring ever no rubbing no whirling
or stretching no fading colors no wearing off your favorites will be thoroughly and carefully cleaned from the inside of the fabric fibers by the power of ultrasound. The process efficiently removes dirt and odors your clothing will become ultra fresh after ultrasonic cleaning.
How does it work?
It’s amazingly simple just put your clothes in any sink or waterproof container add water detergent put dollfie inside then switch the device on and enjoy your free time.

you’ll see dollfie glowing blue as it softly cleans your clothes. It works like magic after about 30 minutes your clothes are clean and fresh rinse them hang them out to dry and you can slip again into your favourites they will look like new even after many washing cycles.
dollfie’s  innovative technology has been developed and tested by MPI ultrasonics engineering laboratories in Switzerland. The heart of the device a powerful transducer creates and emits ultrasonic waves that are multimode
wideband and progressive these precisely modulated sound waves traveled through water and for microscopic high pressure bubbles. This process is called cavitation the tiny bubbles, that implode creating millions of micro jet liquid
streams those invisible yet powerful streams safely wash away all the dirt from the fabric.
Dollfie is great for your personals silk lace cashmere everything that you would normally hesitate to throw into a washing machine. With dollfie you can forget about hand-washing damaged clothes and the hassles of
laundry while you travel enjoy freshness and freedom with dollfie.


5. Smart Helay 

Introducing smart Haley.  Smart Helay  isn’t just another bike accessory in fact it’s not meant to be removed after
each ride. It installs permanently on your handlebar and pairs with your smartphone to turn your bike into a
smart bunch and provide a biking experience like no other.
Smart Haley’s design philosophy has always been centered on simplicity biking in cities can be a challenge so we’ve made sure our device was simple yet smart Haley by reducing its interface to its simplest possible form a circle this
luminous Haley allows us to communicate an impressive amount of information.

Smart halo finds the quickest safest routes and bike paths for you to make your ride a stress-free experience. Just
input the destination in our app tuck your phone safely in your pocket and let’s my failure will take care of the rest.
our unique circular interface allows us to show every type of turn the city can offer also our light patterns warn you
in advance of an infinite turn, so you get plenty of time to plan your next peak as soon as you start writing smart
Haley  tracks your bike metrics your time distance average speed, the calories you’ve burned as well as your total
elevation unlike regular fitness apps if you don’t need to press start or stop it does it all seamlessly you don’t even need to take your phone out of your heart.
smart Haley is also equipped with a smart nightlight it turns on automatically when it’s dark and shuts off on its own when you’re done right with the personal assistant feature.
smart Haley will notify you of incoming calls or text messages right on your handle bar all of this intelligence wouldn’t be possible without having smart Haley.

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